Brand Ambassador

From a young age I had a first class ticket to a life of what comes easy won’t last, and what lasts won’t come easy. I quickly learned how easy people come and go, including family.

Adults showed me that being too skinny in school can make them accuse you of eating disorders while not maturing or growing as fast as other girls is grounds for peers to relentlessly bully you. And that bullying would last for years and years down the road….

In 2016 I met my missing puzzle piece, the man who accepted me for what I was and all I had. We completed our family in 2018 with 2 adventurous and amazing kids. Together we have made a family, built a house and excelled in careers an advancements. We are a team, we stand by each others side on good days and stand even closer on the bad days.

In 2020 he reintroduced me into a sport I strived for most of my life, softball. But I quickly caught on like many other lessons in life how hard it would be to excel when everyone is there to beat you down. My husband and I currently travel up and down the east coast from Maine to Florida and as far west as Ohio (hopefully Vegas soon) competing. I have played with and against all level of athletes in this sport from retired/drafted MLB players to left bench beer league champs. The amount of friends and connections we have made across this country is family I will always have the rest of my life. The training and preparing for this sport is unlike many others, and takes a lot of commitment during the off seasons between batting cages and gym work.

And theres just something about stepping on the field with your husband and being seen as an equal, It’s even more exhilarating when you can out play him.

Stepping on the field is my escape from all the bullshit in life, where I disconnect from the world for 7 innings.