Brand Ambassador

My name is Makayla Baslow, but my niece Ciara calls me mom.

I am currently adopting my 3-year-old niece who's been in my care since she was 6 months old. She is my savior and my pride and joy. She is all things sweet and sassy, I guess you could say she gets that from me. I'm happily engaged to my fiance Andrew, and I've never been more excited to see what my future holds…because when I look into his eyes, its pure bliss.

I am a certified Nursing Assistant, salon owner, and a tattoo lover. I love taking care of my residents, they truly are a blessing and a light in this dark universe. Knowing I bring even a little joy to them as they near the end of life brings me such solitude. Same goes for making my clients beautiful, there have been times I've brought clients to tears of happiness with what stars back at them in the mirror, and its truly worth living for. My tattoo journey, that's souly for me. I enjoy going to tattoo and art expos and my life-long endeavor is to be covered in art head to toe, The body is a beautiful and empty canvas when you're born. Why not cover it with beautiful and meaningful art?

Believe it or not, I struggled with body positivity, due to past drug use but Somer has helped me conquer my stage fright and helped me open my eyes to my true potential and beauty, all while creating a new addiction of modeling.