Another Hidden Gem

Castle Hill is the centerpiece of the spectacular 2,100 acre Crane Estate - one of the region's most scenic, historically important, and ecologically diverse landscapes owned and managed by The Trustees of Reservations. The Great House, a 59-room Stuart-style mansion, presides over Castle Hill’s 165 acres of designed and natural landscapes with commanding panoramic views of the ocean. Its famous rolling lawn - the Grand Alleé - stretches half a mile from the portico of the Great House to the precipitous bluffs which overlook Crane Beach, a four-mile expanse of pristine, white-sand beaches and meandering trails across dunes also part of The Crane Estate. Castle Hill offers seasonal house and landscape tours, a café, and an extensive schedule of public events - including picnic concerts, theater, and holiday celebrations. A system of footpaths and winding drives invites visitors to explore the multitude of historic buildings, natural habitats, and unique landmarks on this remarkable National Historic Landmark. Castle Hill on the Crane Estate | Essex National Heritage Area (

This place is sure to give you the "wow" effect. It's not only massive but beautiful in every way. The landscape is the best Ive ever seen. The gardens smell amazing and the colors are sure to impress. Only a small portion of the home is avalable to tour but the grounds are something right out of a movie. Its breathtaking. Speaking of movies, this home has made many appearneces on the big screen. You can see this estate in movies like "Malcolm X' and "American Gnagster". This should be a definite on your travel bucket list!!