A Hidden Gem

We managed to make it through Salem in a day. We hustled, we walked, ran and took our car to every place Salem had to offer. We had three more days in town so we decided to take a drive, Google some places that were off the beaten path. We found some amazing hidden Gems along the way. Hammond Castle being one of them. When you pull up to Hammond Castle you can barely see the top of the castle, you park on a hill and walk down a beautiful garden and then BAM!! The view hits you. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. It's very medievil and yet very modern.

We walked in, over a drawbridge I might add, and you could either do a self guided tour or go with a tour guide, which is what we chose to do. The castle itself isnt massive by any means but its quite spectacular. Each room takes you right back in time with all of the origial designs, statues and Art.The center of the castle contained this little pond/pool/garden. It was the eye of the castle, you could get to any area from this point and see almost everything. The stairways to get around were very narrow and they took you up each level where you had full access to everything the castle offered.

The rest you just have to see....Trust me, look at these pics! They speak for themselves. I will also add a link for more information. It's pretty interesting to read about the place. Click here to learn more about Hammond Castle