Your Fairy Godmother

I'm pretty sure all kids wish for their very own fairy godmother. Never would I have thought that I would find mine at 43 and while just starting a new career.....but I did!

One evening while mindlessly scrolling through social media I came across Your Fairy Godmother and joined her Facegroup group for photographers. I found such a talented group of ladies! It was right around Christmas time when she was offering "The VIP Program". It seemed like a logical thing to I signed up. I rent these amazing dresses for a weekend, some as little as $50 a weekend. I mean talk about a game changer!! The process itself is very easy. The dresses are shipped directly to me AND they even come in this magical box that says "Your Fairy Godmother".... It's like a kid on christmas morning! When I'm done I ship them on to the next photographer and wait for the next box of magic to arrive. I dont have to store dresses, worry about dry cleaning....OR the cost of couture dresses.

While the dresses are amazing, what's even more amazing is the little community and friendships that I have with these other photographers in the VIP program. Your Fairy Godmother started a group message with all of us and we've become quite the "team". I'm pretty sure there hasn't been one day that we haven't all chatted. These girls all have the kindest souls and biggest hearts. We can ask for help, get feedback on an image or just complain to one another about every day things. We have an amazing group and the talent is out of this world. These girls inspire me everyday. They inspire me to be better, they give me great ideas and we always cheer each other on. It's refreshing, and I'm thankful for every single one of them.

I wanted to dedicate this first blog post to Your Fairy Godmother, AKA Lord Lori, and the crazy girls in our group! I wish them all a lifetime of success and happiness :)

These dresses are beyond amazing. If you are a photographer please rent one of these to see for yourself, if you are a potential client, what on earth are you waiting for??? Book a session today!!

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