The Life of a Boudoir Photographer 

I would like to think that I’m a pretty lucky girl. I have an amazing family, amazing job and so many amazing friends. Boudoir has opened up a whole new world for me and allowed me to do something I have been so passionate about my entire life! Empowering WOMEN! Seems silly that my idea of empowering women comes from an hour long photo session but it is quite a transformation that I get to witness each and every time a new client comes in the studio. 

You see, women are so unique and yet we all have the same fears. Fear of not being good enough, not being pretty enough, thin enough, curvy enough….the list goes on and on. We stopped seeing ourselves. We put ourselves in a box. The mom box, the wife box, the friend box, the employee box, and we stay there. We don’t peek our head out of the box or throw the top off and say surprise, here I am!! Nope, we stay there, covered by our fears and insecurities. It pretty fucking miserable if you think about it! We’ve grown to be happy in that place. We happily sit in the shadows and watch the joy of others. We laugh with friends and family but always wonder if they are judging us. We forget who we are, who we once were….who we want to be again. 

It was quite a surprise to witness my first “Boudoir Session Transformation”. I watched a woman start her session, shy, timid, very unsure of herself, doubting her every move…just doubting her entire reason for being there.. We laughed, we talked and we posed! And just like a swimsuit model stepping out of a warm pool on a hot sunny day, I saw it, I saw the fear, the doubt, the regret just melt off her body. Like the sun burned through all of the insecurities and what I saw underneath was a goddess, a light that shined so bright it would blind anyone that got in her path! It was a true transformation. 

This client has booked several sessions since her first. She has been featured in several magazines for her Boudoir Sessions and you can see her confidence in each and every one of them. She thanks me every week for what I’ve done for her. The truth is, I haven't done anything. I just let her see herself in a different light, an intimate light, a light that let her bare her soul and a light that was already there but was dimmed by self doubt. 

It’s an amazing thing to watch someone's self-doubt disappear. I am honored each and every time I get to witness this AND it happens each and every time. If you don’t book yourself a Boudoir Session with The Enchanted Boudoir, you are doing yourself a huge injustice! You are letting all your self-doubts win, without giving the light within you a fighting chance. So, I say book the session, step out of your comfort zone and show everyone what you are really made of.