Brand Ambassador

Single mother to an amazing 17-year-old son. I am currently taking college courses to earn my next degree. My favorite season is late fall because I love the colors and the smell of leaves. I also love winter because I love the cold. The colder the better! I hope to visit Alaska someday, possibly live there. I do not like the all. Lol

I love most all lingerie but only buy what I find to be most flattering to my body shape. Since doing boudoir, I love shopping for lingerie for the different shoots and themes. I love most all food except seafood. Not a fan of seafood. I especially love chocolate! My favorite flower is the sunflower. My favorite color is red. I am obsessed with true crime shows and anything scary and horror!! I also love to read. I read all different types of books and......spoiler alert.....have even been working on my own book.

I did my very first boudoir session in January. I was very nervous and almost backed out. I have struggled with self-esteem issues regarding my size for years. I told Somer there was no way I could be sexy. I was too big. Somer told me that was nonsense. That first session Somer walked ne through every step, every pose. She knew how to pose me in ways that would not only make me comfortable but were flattering to my body shape and size. When I saw those pictures, I was in awe! I saw a beautiful woman. And I thanked Somer for making me look beautiful. And Somer said to me, " I didn't make you beautiful, I only enhanced the beauty that was already there."

I can't tell you how many shoots I have done since then. I lost count. I have done almost every photoshoot. I have started to like myself again and I am working towards loving myself again. I am a work in progress. But I know I am worth it. I look forward to doing these shoots because they are fun, we laugh, Somer picks the best themes and I love picking out my outfits and collaborating with Somer for each one. And......who doesn't love being in a magazine?!