Brand Ambassador

My name is Kelsie Britton. I am 30 years old and a dog mom! I have 2 handsome boys named Cujo and Blue and a big fat cat named Calypso. I have been married to my husband Kevin for 5 years and been together for a total of 12 years! I love spending time with my family and being outdoors. Camping, swimming, fishing, hunting, and riding wheeler. I'm definitely a Tom boy at heart!

My husband and I have had a rough 12 years. We both have cheated on each other and I always thought it happened because of my size. I was always "bigger" or "plus size" and I thought he didn't love me that way. I had gastric bypass a year ago and have lost 100+ pounds. So, over the past few years I started to learn to not give a shit what anyone thinks about me. And just do me! Our relationship has progressively gotten so much better!!

I found out a few years ago that I am unable to have kids. But I'm ok with that. I have 3 gorgeous nieces who are my life and I'd do anything for and having no kids just gives my husband and I more time together, and to make memories and do all sorts of fun stuff!

I love Somer and I go to her because she showed me that I am sexy no matter what my size is and that makes me feel good. I've become more confident with myself since meeting her and I love how creative and fun she can be.

I currently work at Boonville Manufacturing making gaskets for motors. It's actually a pretty neat job! I used to do housekeeping in old forge at a few different motels but 15 years of driving up there got old!

I work 40+ hours a week but when I'm not working you can usually catch me relaxing by a river or lake. Or camping with a campfire and family. And even out riding my motorcycle enjoying the fresh Lewis County air! Lol. I love catching sunsets and sunrises. They are some of the most breathtaking sites you'll ever see

Music and baking are also 2 of my most favorite things. Music helps your soul. It makes you feel so deeply with whatever lyrics you're listening to. And baking, well who doesn't like cake and cookies!?