Brand Ambassador

My name is Lindsey Mcdougall, I am a mother of 3 beautiful children, 2 gorgeous girls and a handsome little man. I have been with my best friend, for 14 wonderful years and we grow stronger and stronger every day. I would not be the person I am without him. I love spending time with my family, Kayaking, swimming and fishing when I have the time.

I have always struggled with bouts of depression weather it's about my weight or feeling like I am never good enough or pretty enough or never have time for anything.

I work at Walmart dc and currently trying to get into management. My weeks are very busy with the kids and my handsome nephews, all while trying to take online classes to help me become a Manger.... then I work 3, 12 hours shifts on the weekends......

Somer has definitely helped me with feeling beautiful in my own skin she has shown me that no matter what my body looks like I am beautiful, and it has helped my mindset.