Brand Ambassador

I am a holistic and earthy woman who is also not afraid to let people know the truth when they need to hear it. I’m a mother to two wild boys who are sarcastic, funny, and feral in all the right ways. My favorite things are tending to and collecting awesome houseplants (not succulents, they will die), making earrings, painting, and gardening. I collect authentic crystals and gems and love to learn about their healing purposes.

I’m a believer in traditional medicines with herbs, teas, and homeopathic treatments and work for my longtime chiropractor Dr. Sheridan Mish at Life Power Chiropractic as all of these have helped me heal physically from many things in my life. I also love Harry Potter and any Tim Burton movies especially The Nightmare Before Christmas.

There are 2 of everything in my home. Two kids, two cats, two dogs (one wolf thanks to Cynthia), two fish, but one hamster as we don’t need those reproducing around here. I live in perfect chaos! Dancing with wolves gave me the opportunity to embrace my physical beauty with the beautiful parents and grandfather to my Venus and I am so happy I did! I am so happy to be able to continue working with Somer and learn more about what my inner earth witch has to offer!