Hey Friends!! I am so glad you are here. The Enchanted Boudoir has quite an amazing story! So, grab a drink, sit back and listen to how we've changed the view in a small Upstate NY town....

Port Leyden is located in Upstate NY, and by upstate, I mean Canada-ish. We get crazy lake effect snow, mild Summers, beautiful Falls and lots of April snow showers! We are little set back in time. No Ubers, no Grub Hub and no Instacart! BUT, we have plenty of waterfalls, old dirt roads and killer sunsets, so I can't complain. My very first Boudoir Event was booked on a whim from a suggestion from a photog friend. When she suggested Boudoir my first response was "it's upstate NY, not New York City, it won't take off here". I eat those words every day because I was so wrong.

It all started with a dream, a camera and nine amazing women I met along the way. I can't credit The Enchanted Boudoirs success to just myself. It's an entire community that has made us so successful. When I realized the potential, I knew I had to find help, leaders for the movement. Women that would lift other women up, spread positivity and give all women a safe space. A place to be themselves with no fear, no judgement and an escape from everyday life. Slowly I found my tribe, I found nine amazing Brand Ambassadors, each so unique in their own way and with that we grew. Boy did we grow!! The Enchanted Boudoir has successfully grown from a dream into a body positivity, women first, loving, helping and fun community. We have become a local household name.

How did it happen so fast?? Word of mouth of course! This is more than a session. I am constantly continuing my education. I do emotive photography; I bring out your emotions during a session. I guide you, pose you, make you feel completely comfortable and then I simply capture the essence of your beauty and raw emotion and its magical. My clients leave completely transformed. It is an experience like no other and every woman deserves to feel this powerful. Every woman, every age, every shape. You are worth celebrating exactly as you are.

I graduated from the Academy of Art University with a degree in Fine Art Photography. I'm a published photographer with my photos being published in several magazines worldwide. I also have a lot of experience as an editor. I use Photoshop and Lightroom to edit my photos. While some of my clients prefer light edits, others like to know I can minimize their problem areas and use editing to really emphasize all the things they love about themselves. That is what this is about, loving ourselves completely and whole heartedly. So, enough about me, the rest is up to you....

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