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Our client testimonials are a true reflection of the experience we strive to provide, and we are so grateful to every one of our clients who has taken the time to share their thoughts with us. If you're considering booking a boudoir session with us, we encourage you to read our testimonials and see for yourself the amazing transformations our clients have experienced.

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This was an amazing experience. I got to have the most beautiful photographs done that made me feel amazing. Her work is spectacular, and she makes you feel so comfortable during the entire session.

I highly recommend booking with Somer- You won’t regret it.


Somer is so comfortable to work with and the end results are phenomenal! I have always done boudoir but since gaining weight I was so nervous to go full lingerie...but I did, and she was not kidding when she told me I would love my photos I got back! My favorite photo was of me in the full lingerie! And not to mention she is so easy to be around and vibe with. I would 10000% recommend Somer to anyone, you won't regret it!

Jessica and Jared

I would definitely recommend and have recommended The Enchanted Boudoir as Somer is fantastic, she made us feel comfortable in our bodies the very first shoot we did. The pictures she took are incredible the way they capture the moment. Jared and I are hooked, and we have so many sessions scheduled … Somer we love the work you have done and can’t wait to see our future photos. We can’t wait 10 out of 10 !!


Somer was professional, kind and made sure we were both comfortable. We were relaxed, calm, cool and had a great time. Also, very in tune with areas of my body I wasn’t comfortable with and tried to avoid those being shown.


I strongly recommended Enchanted Boudoir by Somer Boyle is personable, supportive and amazing to work with. Not only will she help you achieve that perfect picture but boost your confidence and help heighten your self-esteem. Her photo shoots are professional and very organized. Her editing is amazing! She helps to express that sexiness and inner goddess we all have hidden. Enchanted boudoir takes you into so many fun scenes and themes that have you not only inspired to be that sexy vixen but to overcome so much that society has put on us as women


Somer has given me more self-confidence with one session than any therapy session ever could. As a recovered bulimic, she gave me what no one else ever did.

Brina and Rich

The Enchanted Boudoir has cornered the market in boudoir photography. Whether fun and flirty or sensual and seductive Somer will help brings your dream photography session to fruition. She is able to put you at ease and will have you laughing through your session. Her eye for editing is phenomenal. We were very happy with our photography experience


I am a very shy and self concious person and Somer was great at making me feel comfortable. She also does great work and knows what she is doing for sure. I am terrible at taking directions for poses, but she was patient and helped me understand exactly what she was going for. I would recommend The Enchanted Boudoir to anyone. And I encourage woman of all shapes and sizes to try it.


Somer Boyle Photography not only made me feel comfortable with my personal sessions but also when I booked a family session. She worked well with my sons. She was able to guide all of us through the poses and the photos are amazing!


I have never done a boudoir shoot before and not going to lie I was very nervous for it! Once getting in and meeting Somer, she makes you feel so comfortable within minutes and before you know it she is giving you beautiful photos that make you feel confident about yourself again! Would 100% do this again!


I was so impressed and moved by Somer that when she asked about women to start their journey, I was so skeptical but I had no doubt I wanted to try and so I went for my first photoshoot even more nervous than my daughter but again she made me feel so comfortable in my skin and showed me how to pose and feel beautiful... I am now hooked. I have been with Somer as an ambassador for almost 2 years and I hope that I will be with her forever she has showed helped me see that I am beautiful, and I don't need to be a certain body type to be a model for her and I love her for that.......


I highly recommend having Somer as a boudoir photographer. She makes you feel comfortable in an awkward situation. Her pictures are truly amazing. Once you do a session with her, you will keep going back for more.


When I first booked my boudoir session, I had major problems since being a teenager with body dysphoria and Somer did nothing but make me feel comfortable in my own skin and feel absolutely beautiful comfortable enough that I was standing out in public with less on than I had worn since I was like 15 but I felt so comfortable and she did an amazing job with the edits and my pictures came back absolutely beautiful and I will definitely be booking again.


My review for Somer Boyle photography is SHE IS AMAZING!!!! The quality she does is impeccable!!! Her Patience is outstanding!!! Her work is untouchable I've never had or seen better she works literal MAGIC!!!!! She always always, always makes you feel SO COMFORTABLE..which is the most important in critiquing gorgeous perfect photos, she is perfect I'm my opinion and many, many other feel the same way Somer Boyle is in one word summed up phenomenal!!!!