Join us at the Boondocks, Lyons Falls, NY

Santa's Magic Studio: Dive into a Storybook Session!

🌟✨"Every parent knows that the magic of Santa, that twinkle in our little one's eyes, is a fleeting wonder of childhood. As the years whisk by, those wide-eyed moments of pure belief and joyous excitement begin to fade. At 'The Santa Experience', we're on a mission to bottle up that magic! Don't let this enchanting phase pass by without capturing it in all its glory. Let's freeze a moment in time, where reindeer really fly, elves craft in bustling workshops, and Santa reads every wish list.✨🌟

The Santa Experience is only $300 -Book Here - Limited spaces

Step Into the Heart of Christmas: Santa Awaits!

Ever thought about whisking away to the North Pole for a tête-à-tête with Santa? I'm turning that Christmas wish into a snap-happy reality! Step into my studio – transformed into a slice of Santa’s very own cozy living room. Against a backdrop that whispers tales of reindeer games and elfish escapades, your child will have a moment they'll cherish forever: one-on-one time with Santa Claus himself. As your dedicated photographer, I’ll be there to catch every giggle, every secret shared, every sparkle in their eye. This isn't just another photo op; it's an invitation to a heartfelt holiday rendezvous. So, fluff up those Santa hats and let's create a merry masterpiece together! 🎄📸💌🎅

Frosty Giggles & Timeless Elegance: The Ultimate Holiday Combo!

Ready to blend the thrill of childhood wonder with the ageless beauty of family bonds? Venture into my studio, where two magical worlds await. First, let the little ones embark on their jolly journey with Santa – a chance to share tales, dreams, and perhaps even figure out where he parks his sleigh! Then, as the excitement buzzes, we pivot to a setting of sheer elegance for those picture-perfect family portraits. Think twinkling lights, classic charm, and portraits that will adorn your walls (and hearts) for lifetimes. This isn't just a photo session; it's a Christmas story in the making. Unite the magic of childhood with the legacy of family - all in one festive snapshot extravaganza! 🎅❄️📸👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🎄



“Walking into the studio with my nieces and the entire family felt like stepping into a cozy Christmas scene right from a storybook. The atmosphere was so inviting, and you had a way of making us all feel at ease. But when I saw the finished family portraits? I was truly lost for words. The way you've captured the tender moments, the shared laughs, and even those playful glances between the girls - it's nothing short of magical.”

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Embark on a North Pole adventure without leaving town through our Santa Experience! Join us at the Boondocks on select dates in November. For only $300, enjoy an enchanting 20-minute encounter with Santa Claus, filled with joy and cherished moments for your children. And the icing on the cake? Receive 8 enchantingly retouched photos that even the elves would envy! 📸✨ So, pull on those holiday socks and reserve your session before Rudolph jumps in for a surprise appearance!

Christmas Magic

It's often said that the days are long, but the years are short when it comes to raising children. In the blink of an eye, those tiny fingers that once clutched our hands for balance become independent hands that craft, create, and comfort others. The lisped words and toddler tales transform into deep conversations and confident assertions. As parents, we're privileged spectators to the remarkable journey of our children's growth, each phase fleeting and precious in its own right. And that's where the magic of photos comes in. Photographs serve as timeless gateways, allowing us to revisit and cherish those evanescent moments time and again. While the very essence of childhood is its transience, through photos, we find a way to hold onto the laughter, the questions, and even the quiet moments, preserving them in frames of love and memories.

North Pole Rates for Santa's Special Dates!


Dive into the magic of the North Pole right here with our Santa Experience! For just $300, you'll get a jolly 20-minute session, where the Big Man himself will share laughs and memories with your little ones. And guess what? You'll walk away with 8 magically edited images that'll make even the elves jealous! 📸✨ So, slip on those festive socks, and book your spot before Rudolph decides to photobomb!

Storybook Options

Jingle those bells and hold onto your elf hats! Pre-order one of our magical storybook albums and guess what? You'll get your classy family snaps taken right during your Santa session, and we won't charge an extra snowflake for it! 🎅❄️

But hang onto your sleigh, because there's more where that came from! Dive into 8, 16, or 25 pages of yuletide magic, bursting with your kiddos' adorable letters to Santa. Each page is like a mini holiday movie, whisking you back to those heartwarming moments. And because we're in the giving mood, choosing a storybook earns you a cool $300 credit. That's right! The starting price sleds down from $1490 to just $1190, bundling the Santa shenanigans, fabulous family portraits, and your captivating storybook all in one merry deal!