Brand Ambassador

My name is Tiffany Rose Outtrim, my Littles call me TT. I have 2 beautiful blue-eyed blonde-haired boys that are my world. I truly believe music is the best cure for your soul and singing is just my way to express it.

I work at the Walmart Distribution center and it's a lot of physical work but for the most part I enjoy it and you can't beat the money! Ideally, I'd love to finish college and become a therapist and work in school with kids or have an office out of my home. I'm blessed to have my 2 beautiful nieces and my handsome nephew every weekend we all try to have a ton of fun! I love the Fall Season because of crisp air and the colors. I like to sing and go for walks.

Food is life! I love mashed potatoes and little Debbie Swiss rolls, YUMMMM.

I'm single and struggle with bipolar disorder but doing the best I can for all my kids. They keep me going! I could binge watch stranger things all day every day and there's a ton of other T.V shows that I love as well. The binge worthy ones are Vampire Diaries, Hell's Kitchen, Cupcake Wars, Cooked with Cannabis. I feel the sexiest wearing lingerie that hides my mom pooch but since I've started working with Somer, I think I've learned to love being naked! Bodies are sacred vessels, and our breasts and butts and hair and eyes are our adornments, we should love ourselves and every part of us no matter our shape, size or color. That is what I love the most about these boudoir shoots and Somer. It doesn't matter if I'm scared and nervous because Somer lets me know it's a safe space and she never judges me for not doing the poses as well as she does.